Saturday, November 27, 2004

Good News For the Terrible Swede!

I love irony.

speaking of irony, I woke up before the crack of dawn yesterday (long before it). At 2 AM, my father and I were up and went to Best Buy to buy a new computer and monitor for under $400. If you could live with a CRT, it was under $200. I am now typing this on his new flat screen. What this means is the old computer is now gone, along with all the improvements I was going to make with this blog. My html edits are sitting in a word file somewhere. Thus, the major shakeup is postponed until I can get the old computer back up and running. I didn't save the file to anything and that wasn't smart on my part. Not smart at all.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving as we now prepare for Christmas as Advent begins.

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