Friday, September 03, 2004

I have six g-mail invitations to give out. I shall not give them out willy nilly, however, unlike some anonymous blogger who will soon top my blogroll in a desperate act of appeasement. There will actually be an order of priority. The priority list goes as follows:

1) Confessional Lutheran Bloggers (excluding blogger users, who are supposed to get an invitation automatically).
2) Amateur Radio Operators
3) Everybody else

If you are an amateur radio operator, please give me your callsign. That way, if I ever pass my code exam, I just might be able to talk to you (unless we run into each other on six meters, which is always a possibility). Imagine the Monty Python net on 20 meters! I can see it now! You can send me pictures of your EME array!

Anyway, at 5:00pm tomorrow, I'll sort through my e-mail, first-come first-served with the priorities listed above. If there are any invitations left after that, I'll announce it and it will be first-come first-served, no priority. Your e-mails should be directed towards daniel period sellers AT gmail period com. Not valid in Alaska or Hawaii. (Not that anyone from either of those states is actually reading my blog).

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