Friday, September 03, 2004

I admit I find some things funny that others will just go "huh?" to. That's how blog of the week came about. Miss Diehl posted this comment.

I think I should have been ranked higher.

So, I though about this dilemma (and the probably silliness that this comment was typed with.) How could I take a comment that, after reading it fifty times, finally got through my head was probably meant to be humorous? The only way to one-up the request is to actually fulfill it. Thus, the blog of the week. The blog of the week will hold the honored position below the German Beer Girl. There is only one real criteria for getting your blog into the blog of the week spot: you have to make me laugh. You don't even have to make me laugh on your blog! You can do it in my comments, someone else's comments, or make bad John Hus jokes that I can't help but laughing at, even though it approaches sacrilegious. How long you remain in the Blog of the Week position will be determined by a scientific formula based on the average density of limestone or how long you can stand the comfy chair. Actually, it will change the next time someone says something funny to me. Thus, Bunnie could loose her position as soon as Monday (being the first blog of the week, she's safe for the weekend) or she may never be knocked off her throne by anyone (possible, but unlikely unless she says, "Ni!" to old ladies). This is completely silly and sophomoric, but I never said I would be a perfectly mature.

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