Saturday, September 11, 2004

Alright, I know my silence has been somewhat disconcerting to everyone, including me. Here is what was going on. I had been having chest pains that I sometimes also felt in my stomach and I thought I was having problems with my heart. I went to the doctor and heart problems have been ruled out because of my age and because my symptoms, while mimicking heart problems, are missing two key symptoms which would have made heart problems a reality. I haven't been experiencing shortness of breath and the pain doesn't correlate with exercise, per se. Now that I know what it up, what I was feeling made sense. I started feeling better whenever I walked or ran, but my pain increased when I started lifting heavy objects. My Physician's Assistant sent me to drink "the milkshake" and receive a radiology exam. I had the upper gastrointestinal exam, and I have a hiatal hernia. This thing can be nasty. Some people end up with chest pain so bad that they think they are having a heart attack. So, I have to see what plan of treatment they may want to take. I do know this. I have to lose weight.

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