Saturday, August 27, 2005

While some may complain that my analogy between the church door Luther nailed his these to and a blog are not quite the same, but the same temptations can affect such a person. These temptations can affect those who write for a living, like people who write for magazines, people who write books, and people who write music. The temptation always hangs over us who blog. All of us can descend into a narcissistic self-love, patting ourselves on the back and saying how wonderful our writing is. And, of course, we can wallow in the love and accolades others give to us and tell ourselves how wonderful we are. Same difference.

With all of this, with our sinful nature getting in the way, we still manage to live in our vocation. By the grace of God, a bunch of sinners, stumbling, falling all over ourselves, and screwing things up along the way, manage to live our vocations. The world manages to continue to work. Imagine that. God works in spite of our sinfulness.

Anyway, I'm done talking about this. If you would like to submit a link to the Lutheran Carnival, go ahead and submit it to lutherancarnival AT gmail DOT com. If you don't want to because you think it's a temptation, no one is saying you must.

There is the Gospel and there is the promotion of self. The two are antithetical. They are opposites. The Law is all about what I do. The Gospel is what Christ did and does for me.

I'm just going to assume that the pastor just became confused about the differences between the theology of glory & the theology of the cross and law & gospel.

Extra Thought: I find it ironic many of the people who complain about pride are all listed on the Lutheran Blog Directory. Just a thought.

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