Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chris Jones is finally posting on a more regular basis. When he was posting regularly, it was one of the best blogs on the internet. He's still one of the smartest guys on the internet. His background gives him a perspective I cannot even imagine.

If you want to do something good, go bother the Terrible Swede and tell him to put his Star Wars books down and go read Hammer of God like he's supposed to.

Go check out Lutheran Jargon, especially the pictures of Minister2b and our SP. He's the fourth Alaskan blogger I know (and the only one who attends and LCMS church) while I know a whole whopping two bloggers from Kansas.

Maybe I am hypervenalating, but I still find "divine calls" without congregations difficult to swallow. After thinking about it, if I were the SP and a board called one of my avowed enemies, I would probably do what Kieschnick did.

As to the calling of missionaries, we could have churches here call them and send people out to the mission field. This would have the wonderful consequence of not having our missionaries taught how to prayerwalk by our Board of Missions. Have I ever mentioned I think our Board of Missions has a lot to be desired?

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