Saturday, August 13, 2005

Where Relevance Leads

Now, for those of us in the LCMS, we've been worried and complaining about the possibility of allowing two people with penises or vaginas to be blessed in their sexual relationship, be ordained, and just be happy rainbow-wearing people. While we were busy praying that God would kill this silliness which is already occurring and probably cannot be stopped, the heterodox synod decided to shed all orthodoxy and become a pagan cult. If you talked to people within the ELCA who are worried, the issue of the new hymnal was equally a problem if not more of a problem than the homosexuality issue. Most of us were so worried about the Sixth Commandment that we didn't see they were going to trample on the first. Soon, they will worship not by invoking the name of the "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit," by using the name "Holy Eternal Majesty, Holy Incarnate Word, Holy Abiding Spirit." Hey, we can't keep using the Patristic language of our those who came before us because we have to be relevant to today's culture. We need to take those within our own synod by the collar, give them a good shake, point to the ELCA, and say that this is where relevance leads. Rick Warren is about 50 years behind. If we are not careful, in our quest to be relevant, we will be relevant and pagan, just like the ELCA.

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