Thursday, September 18, 2003

If I ever get my own computer, I'll download blogger so I can change all the crap on my blog and actually make it look cool with links to various other bloggers all around the world.

A new favorite site of mine is Dissecting Leftism. Dr. Ray has his ducks lined up and ready to shoot. I found him while trying to find something to refute the Berkley study claiming people who are politically to the right are psycho. Good stuff.

Just so you know, there has been a very interesting development in the Synod heirarchy. It has generally been thought that the Synodical President (SP) was the top dog in all Synodical functions and one could not get any higher on the power scale. The Synodical Board of Directors (BoD) didn't seem to like what was going on, and hired a law firm to write up a brief describing how a not-for-profit corporation in Missouri (where the Synod is incorporated. Who would've thought) is supposed to be run according to the state law of Missouri. Lo and behold, the law firm dug up a little gem that states the Board of Directors can hire and fire whoever they want. This contradicts the CCM opinion that states the SP is the head honcho, and the BoD serve at his pleasure. This little gem of an opinion could get our synodical charter revoked. Thanks to the Holy Order of the Daystar and Jees, Us First for making this all possible. Now, if only the BoD will have the guts to can the SP for incompetance and allow Dan Preus to take his place. They should also fire the CCM for not consulting State law before spouting forth. It would make Confessionals lives much easier. It would also make stacking the BoD with Confessionals imperative at the next convention. Of course, all the parties threatened by this (the CoP) are going to sue. This will get tied up in court. Just remember, church government is just like any other government: it is the relm of the Kingdom of the Left.

LCMS BOD versus Kieschnick and The COP

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