Friday, September 05, 2003

The French body count is now well over 11,000 people. People sometimes come around and berate me for actually believing in American health care, even though it is expensive for just about everybody. (All we have to do to bring the price down is to string up every trial lawyer, except the one representing the guy who had his penis cut off because the doctors thought it was cancerous and then they look at the organ and find it isn't cancerous. That guy deserves every cent he can get out of the doctor.) Well, we had a heat wave recently in the midwest and a whole whopping two people died in that heatwave. Even if you adjust your numbers to the populations, we loose 10 people for every 11,000 people the French loose. Now, I know most of the deaths are of elderly people, but come on. The health care system should have been able to prevent at least half these people's deaths. The numbers are ridiculous, and it's one more reason why universal health care sucks.

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