Monday, May 26, 2003

To be free...

I visited a new church yesterday. I do really enjoy chanting and all the other "smells and bells" that go on during a service. It is amazing how I am becoming more "catholic" in my liturgical theology. It almost scares me, except I cannot accept the crap Rome throws upon one's conscience like purgatory and earning one's salvation. Actually, that latter point is also why I could never be an American Evangelical. "Sanctifying" oneself is extremely annoying, and a good dose of The Door will cure it. It will teach everyone not to take themselves too seriously.

Bad writting is bad writting. I am the master of pedantic, anoying, and obnoxious writing. Anything I cannot write about, I am sure I can find an extremely annoying link on the internet.

Well, if I have anything to write about soon, I will.

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