Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I complain that another website hasn't updated in a while, yet I don't update. I meant to post everyday when I started this little project, yet I seem unable to post on any regular shchedule. Poo on me.

This week is Holy Week, a time where we collectively meditate on the suffering and death of our Lord. I am a member of a board hosted by the band MxPx. There was a question posed about crucifixes and their use. One person who I disagree with much of the time said that Christ is risen and that we shouldn't keep him hanging on the cross. First off, who said we were keeping him hanging there? Was it not our Lord who declared "It is finished" while hanging on the cross? Does not Paul teach that he preached nothing but Christ crucified? Christ willingly went to the cross, and Christ willingly leaves himself there because we haven't gotten past the cross yet. We are still sinners. We still fail. God did not fail for us. To declare ourselves victorious is to not only be dishonest, but narcissistic. Thus upon the cross I glory.

I need to get word running again upon my computer. My spelling errors are driving me nuts and are probably making me look like a complete idiot.

Maybe later today, I will get my rant up about the current synodical president. Until then, may you have a blessed Holy week.

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