Monday, April 21, 2003

I am mad. Easter Sunday honestly sucked this year, and I think I am banging my head against a brick wall to get anything to change in my church. The liturgy is cut to the lowest common denominator: the Kyrie and Intriot missing; the Gloria often replaced by something theologically inferior; the Verse replaced by a theologically inferior song (Open my eyes Lord); the Offertory is often missing; the preface, the Proper Preface, and the Sanctus is gone; and the Post-Communion Canticle is never sung. A service in a hour or less, guarenteed. I am sick of Powerpoint sermons that show us pictures of silly paintings. If he wants to use it, at least put up good art. I really hate when this pastor says we should not trust our emotions then puts up a picture that does what? Evoke an emotional response. I am leaving my church. I have had all I can take. I am done with my church.

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