Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Father, forgive me...

I have paid way too much attention on things that, honestly, I have little to no control over. Then, I get wake-up calls like this. I have followed Nancy's story since October, but I wasn't paying attention recently until I read a message on LutherQuest. Now I am mad. I am almost mad enough to want the invasion of Canada, just to get the judge who decided the testimony of her pastor and a baptismal certificate were not enough to prove Nancy is a Christian and that she will not be in harms way when she returns to Iraq and try him for stupidity. Right now, all we can do for Nancy is pray and try to get her refugee status within the next two weeks. Please, write your congressman, senators, and other elected officials. If you so feel inclined, also contact Senator Conrad Burns from Montana and Rep. Doug Bereuter from the first district in Nebraska. These two gentlemen are both members of LCMS congregations and might be more willing to help us out to bring Nancy to the United States. Please, write the President, Vice President, and whoever else might be able to pursue this cause.

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