Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another excellent season of Music Theater Wichita is in the books, and another season of trying to watch the shows around women's big hair. What in the world possesses women to create the huge obnoxious hairstyles that block the views of those behind them. We're already a million miles from the stage in the balcony, and asking me to try to watch the action around that gigantic dome of hair you probably spent hours teasing into place is just that last straw. Ladies, if you don't want half you hair burned off your head, leave the hair down.

It appears the lawsuit is back on, at least according to Concord. Kieshnick may have opened himself up to this by settling the former lawsuit. This new twist has four members of the BOD taking count II of the original lawsuit and intervening. It appears they have the high-powered attorneys of Brian Cave, the group that put out the controversial opinion that started this in the first place. Knowing that both parties are dreadful sinners, there are one of two things that happened. The first is a little perplexing, but the second is, in military terms, beauitiful and yet so uttelry devious. The first explanation is that they saw the lawsuit failing and decided the second point was not solved to their satisfaction. This is the charitable explanation.

The second explanation is not charitable in the least. What it says is that the lawsuit filed by the Lutheran Concerns Association was a diversionary tactic in order to force a settlement on the part of Kiechnick. Once he settled, he opened himself to another lawsuit. He took the bait and led himself right into an ambush. This opinion is also held Concord (from whom I admittedly stole it).

The AC got fixed Monday afternoon. The stupid fan fell apart.

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