Saturday, June 10, 2006

I know many of you checked in after the meeting Sunday to see if I had anything to say. I have two words for you all: not yet. I have more to say, but it will be later.

Speaking of later, I am going to do a major overhaul of this blog and the blog template soon. I have a lot of rearranging and adding to do, so if you link to me, but I don't link to you, tell me please.

Kansas drivers suck. They won't let you merge, they don't know what a turn signal is, and the word freeway seems to mean someplace either to go 80 or 30.

How come every time I hear the song "Living After Midnight," I can't stop thinking about the fact Rob Halford is gay.

I bought a suit to get married in. I finally have a 100% wool suit. Every man needs at least one jet black wool suit.

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