Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ever since Elle and I started talking to each other, I wondered if this day might come sooner or later. I had a feeling I might end up taking the step I took today a long tome ago. I thought I might have to do this sooner or later, and I also realized that neither of us go where I was and raise a family. I would have liked to, and my Evangelical Catholic leanings really pull me towards places like my former church. It is too bad I could not remain there.

Anyway, I am now a member of a WELS congregation. Are there things about WELS that bug me? Yeah, but nothing like female elders. I think I would rather deal with these little things than have big issues hanging over my head. When I met with the pastor, most of my major questions to him and the Vicar had more to do with the liturgy than doctrinal concerns, even though I did ask about the Office of the Holy Ministry. I'm still not sure I completely understand it.

Anyway, this is now a WELS blog. I will still keep up with what concerns me about the LCMS, but no longer as a participant, but as a concerned observer. I still love and respect the synod that nurtured me though the first 30 years of my life, and I still have family within the synod. I'll just also have to add WELS issues to my plate now. I'll probably be the first WELS blogger pushing to make the synod more catholic.

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