Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kumjar is a terrorist!

Bauer is going to save a terrorist who turned on the terrorists.

Perimiter. The one thing that never works.

Crazed Musilim Terrorists.

CTU figured out Jack was there.

Castration: The way to find all your files.

Street Justice.

Make friends (and enemies) using guns.

Imagine, Jack was right.

Back tomorrow.

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John H said...

Perimeter. The one thing that never works.

Exactly. My wife and I were discussing this last night (we've just had "the one with the drill", to give you an idea where we are in the UK relative to the US screenings).

I think that, instead of saying, "Set up a three-block perimeter", Jack ought to just tell the CTU agents, "Go find a bar, shoot some pool, hang out a while. You'll be no more ineffective and you'll have less chance of winding up dead. I'll call you when I find the baddies."