Thursday, November 03, 2005

When I was at my Great Uncle's funeral mass, I had a lot of thoughts go through my head. The one that popped up more than any was, "Wow. The Catholics are in as bad of shape music wise as much of Christendom." I'm sorry if I insult any of the two or three Catholic readers I may have, but whoever is doing your music needs to be drawn and quartered. I cannot believe that the church that brought us Gregorian Chant, Orlando de Lassus, Guillaume de Machaut, and others could allow such meaningless tripe to enter into its sacred halls. The problem wasn't the hymns, but the bloody settings. You would think they would try to find good and proper music to set their hymns to. It seemed like they just decided to put whatever tune to whatever hymn with absolutely no rhyme and reason. The tunes couldn't support the texts they were put to. I was sick hearing a "Song of Farwell" (they couldn't bother calling a hymn a hymn) trying to be supported by Old Onehundredth (think "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow). I honestly think my great uncle deserved better.

Efited to correct spelling errors made after a long day.

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