Thursday, October 09, 2003

I do want to warn anyone who might read this that this post may be profanity-laden. Hopefully, you can excuse my profanity due to its target: the cheese-eating surrender-monkeys known as the french.

The idiot mayor of Paris has decided to give convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal honorary citizenship of Paris. What does this asshole have going through his head. Considering his head must be firmly stuck up his ass to do such a thing, his head is full of shit. What the fuck do the french (they no longer deserve to have the name of their country capitalized) think they are doing? I know enough Krauts within my church to go over there with a truckload of arms and scare the shit out of them and probably get the assholes to surrender. Officer Daniel Faulkner deserves more than to have the man who killed him in cold blood celebrated as some sort of hero by the loony left. The fuckwad who did this deserves to have a hole blown out of his head where the killer would proceed to skullfuck the asshole until there was nothing left. Then again, whoever did it wouldn't want to put his cock into a head full of shit. Asshole. For dumbass shit like this, the french language deserves to go extinct. This t-shirt says it all.

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