Thursday, August 28, 2003

Markets Reward Eco-Terror. So Let's Fix Them

I came across this link via Instapundit

A very nice, simple way to punish environmental terrorists for their own nitwittery.

I had been wanting to blog on the ELF and their own stupidity, but I kept forgetting. I remembered wanting to cover this thanks to the above story.

The ELF has to be a bunch of morons, setting fire, thus releasing carbon dioxide and a variety of other nasty chemicals and particulates into our atmosphere. It's just like a bunch of egostical, narcisistical morons to think that buring a few buildings and setting SUVs on fire will save the envioronment. It doesn't take a genius to realize buring tires are not a bright thing for an environmentalist to do. Then again, most of these people do not think through the consequences of their actions.

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