Saturday, June 28, 2003

You know, I read the description of my blog and realized I had spent so much time bitching about the various problems within my own synod that I forgot about the good old E*CA. Yes, there is always someone in a worse situation than you, and the E*CA fits the bill perfectly. The Word Alone Network does a marvelous job of reminding those of us within the confines of Missouri that it could be worse. We could be in altar and pulpit fellowship with the ECUSA.

I am not sure I have discussed this yet. I love beer. The more opaque the beer, the better IMHO. Guinness is God's gift to mankind, even though most of America thinks its Budweiser. There is nothing wrong with Budweier, except that, when you drink as much Guinness as I have, drinking Budweiser is like drinking water.

Monty Python. Who else could end a movie by crucifying all the main characters while singing a happy song. You go to love guys like these. Who else will allow you to change your starsign to lumberjack or frog or a newt (I got better).

Geology is only interesting to those who have an interest in it.

Thanks for reading these random thoughts. Now let's see how bad my blog is screwed up thanks to new software!

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